Rhino MK2 Size 2 with Electronic


Quick Contacts advisory unit


New-and-improved design for unparalleled convenience
The Rhino Mk II range has been completely redesigned to enhance
convenience and user-friendliness. Each of the following features has
been remodelled and refined for optimal performance:
• Body
Benefit from a robust and durable model that
boasts an overall 65mm barrier thickness made up
of a high-density monolithic casting contained
within inner and outer steel casing.
• Door
Ensure secured access, the solid composite 35mm
thick door is combined with additional protection
plates to protect crucial locking areas. Solid steel
moving bolts with a 28.5mm diameter affix the
door to the body, while fixed “anti-heeling” bolts on
the door’s rear edge protect the hinge side.
• Lock
Gain enhanced control via the Sargent & Greenleaf
certified three-wheel combination locks, and the high
security double bitted, key lock
• Base fixing
Enjoy increased resistance and protection against
unauthorised removal thanks to the anchoring holes.
Two security fixing bolts ensure that the safe can be
firmly fixed to the floor when installed correctly.
A   t r i e d - a n d - t e s t e d   s a f e g u a r d   a g a i n s t   f i r e   a n d   b u r g l a r y 
Rest assured knowing your valuables are protected against burglary
and fire: the Rhino Mk II range has been tested in accordance
with EN 14450 Level S2 and is certified by ECB•S. The new door built
from specialised materials ensures unrivalled protection against fire.
Rhino MkII is tested in accordance with the Japanese Industrial
Standard JIS S1037. In the event of a fire, your documents are
protected for up to 60 minutes
5   s i z e   o p t i o n s   t o  me e t   y o u r   s e c u r i t y   n e e d s 
Whether for home or office use, Rhino Mk II offers a range of options
to customise your safe to your security needs. Choose from five
practical sizes, ranging from 400 to 980 mm in height and from 32- to
179-litre capacity. Most sizes include a shelf as a standard fitting, and
several include a full-width drawer for greater convenience
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